Kenyon Doppelgängers: Rebecca Weiser ’14 and Aislinn McKeown ’16


While Becca Weiser, ’14, was previously unaware of her underclassman doppelganger, Aislinn McKeown, ’16, McKeown reported being congratulated several times for performances in concerts and plays that she just couldn’t remember being in!

McKeown and Weiser both have an interest in music and theater, but as a senior, Weiser admits that her time is quickly disappearing and she has not been able to participate is as many shows activities as she would like. McKeown on the other hand is an active member of OARP, PEAS, and Brave Potato.


Both girls also share an affinity for the social sciences: Weiser is majoring in Anthropology, and McKeown in the Psychology department.

As it turns out, before they met at Kenyon, their lives nearly overlapped. McKeown, originally from Milwaukee, is a transfer student from NYU, while Weiser grew up right outside the city. Perhaps we can add escaping New York to come to Ohio to the list of similarities!


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