This Just In, Yesterday: Salt Shortage Signals Impending Slipperiness

slipLast night, a relative flurry of all-stu emails came drifting into my inbox. One nearly escaped my notice (I was eagerly looking for class cancellations), bearing the all-important subject line, “Salt Supplies are Limited for Kenyon Community.” Hmm. And no, Kenyon is not on a low sodium diet. And no, Kenyon is not investing in salt-licks for all of our beloved deer.

The message calmly addresses the shortage of salt for salting purposes, meaning that it’s going to get pretty slippery around here. And alas, it seems that we will be slip sliding our way up and down this hill until February 7.

As you prepare for the arctic trek, March-of-the-Penguins-style, remember that you’re LL Bean boots may not serve you all that well. But fear not! Ice spikes are available on Amazon Prime (in pink!) for the reasonable price of not breaking any bones or your face or other items of value.

So grab your Peirce table salt-shaker and get to it! Actually, don’t do that.

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