10 o’clock list: Magazines to which Kenyon Students Subscribe

via the Kenyon Institute Facebook

Contrary to popular belief and also the lifeblood of this website, print media is not dead. Many people and the P.O. box partners of those people  subscribe to magazines. Magazines are pretty fun and also typically, with the exception of Rookie Mag, more visually exciting than weblogs. Here are some magazines to which Kenyon students subscribe.

  1. Teen Vogue Only half of the student body are teens but many, many students still receive Teen VoguePerhaps Emma Watson’s presence on the cover in 2009 permanently cemented the Kenyon constituency’s allegiance to this magazine for adolescents. Harry Potter!!!!
  2. The New Yorker This subscription is obvious but also respectable, after all, Kenyon is purportedly a school for writers. However, it is unbelievable that Kenyon subscribers manage to read the entire issue and do their homework every week.
  3. GQ– Kenyon men dress fairly well and also like artisanal beer. As college students, Kenyon men need to carry sacks for their books and select trendy laptop cases. GQ teaches and advises them on all of these fronts.
  4. The Anthropologie Catalogue– The Anthropologie Catalogue is not a magazine per se, but it is received by 80% of all Kenyon females.
  5. The EconomistMany senior econ majors subscribe to and hoard The Economist. I am very glad I am not an econ major.
  6. Nylon– Nylon  is an aspirational lifestyle magazine for individuals fond of wearing neon lipstick and ripped tights. There is almost always a copy in the downstairs Crozier bathroom.

I heard an unverified rumor that the women’s lacrosse team subscribes en masse to Cosmo. Confirm or deny in the comments.

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