Ye Olde Guide to Olde Side


Much like the rest of our glorious hilltop College, our dining hall is steeped in tradition. Part of that tradition, for better or worse, is the unspoken assignment of tables to certain groups. To help the Old-Side-Averse when Thomas Hall is closed, the Thrill has compiled a little guide for who (traditionally) sits where. We aren’t doing this to say “don’t sit there”, but rather just to give you a heads up so you aren’t surprised when twenty fraternity guys try to cram into the table you’re sitting at even though the next one over is empty. Check out the full guide after the jump! 

If you need to orient yourself using this map, use the Sriracha as your guide.

These groups are the ones that are the most tied-down to their table, and can be found there at every meal. Some other groups commonly found on Old Side include:

  • Women’s Rugby: C1-C2, pushed together, at dinner while in-season
  • DPhis: D4, D5, C5 and the nearby vicinity
  • Phi Kapps: around A5 and C5
  • Softball: around A5 and C5
  • Men’s Tennis: usually around C3
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Rows 1 and 2, at dinner while in-season

Have any others? Disagree with our findings? Let us know in the comments!

19 responses

  1. How times have changed. When I was at Kenyon 1986-1990, Phi Kaps always filled A5 & A6, often spilling over to B5 and B6 with our brothers and extended entourage. Now we don’t even make the map, but the footnotes?!!

  2. No wonder I still have anxiety about finding a seat in any kind of open seating situation. This is why I spend too much on restaurants.

  3. Peeps aren’t shown either, because they don’t sit in Pierce!! Oh, if Thomas Hall (Upper Dempsey) is closed, we just open it up to ourselves.

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