Weekend Playlist: Stadium Anthems

Sports fans discovered  early on that their power to change the outcome of a sporting event occured through sheer volume–the unifying power of song provided an important vehicle by which they could corral their voices into a thundering chorus. As Superbowl Sunday approaches, now seems like an appropriate time to reflect on a few songs from the ever-selective canon of classic stadium anthems.

Who Let The Dogs Out? – Baha Men

The song first came to prominence after it was played during a Seattle Mariners game and jettisoned the Baha Men to superstardom after over ten years of producing optimistic, island inspired music (the whole discography is on Spotify, if you’re so inclined). As kids, we loved this song perhaps for no other reasons than the sounds of dogs panting and the tinkling metallic drums. Today, the question remains unanswered.

Kernkraft 400 – Zombie Nation

Technically tied with “Sandstorm” for the top prize the selective category of “Most Popular European Techno Song Released in 1999 That Became Such Because It Was Played At Sports Games” but Zombie Nation edges out Darude in its ability to be vocalized. While “Sandstorm” will blare in your ears during your laser tagging adventures, Kernkraft dominates the crowd. Stadiums teeming with drunken sports fans will continue to stumble over the Nation’s syncopations for years to come.

We Will Rock You – Queen

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event you have almost certainly stomped and clapped to this primitive anthem. It has all the essential makings for a stadium classic: distinct clapping (or stomping) pattern, sing-a-long chorus, and biting lyrics (bonus points for rhyming “blood” with “mud” – hardcore!).

Jump Around – House of Pain

This one can be a little tricky, because proper execution lies in the ability to both jump and spin at the same time. When done correctly, the results are believed to produce a dizzying affect for the visiting team that largely inhibits their ability to perform the athletic task set before them.

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