How to Make Your Favorite Meals from Home in Peirce

Take control of your own destiny

Take control of your own destiny

Now that I’ve been back at Kenyon for a few weeks, there are some things that I’ve started to miss. No, I’m not talking about my high school friends, or my bedroom, or my family. I’m talking about something much more important: food. As soon as I get back to Kenyon after a break, I immediately start missing meals that my mom and dad make, my favorite restaurants, and products you can get in Idaho that you just can’t buy here. But who’s to say we can’t find a way to get those things here? I asked a couple students about the food they missed most, and, with a little bit of creativity, re-created them in Peirce!

Dad’s spinach linguine (Claire Smith ’16): This one is easy. Peirce has pasta for at least one meal almost every day, and the salad bar always has spinach. All you need to do is get some plain pasta from Fusion, throw some spinach leaves on there, and BAM! You’re done! Just like Dad makes it.

Turkey lasagna (Lucy Coplin ’17): A bit harder to make, but still possible. This is a meal that can only be made on days when there’s a pot of tomato sauce at Hearth. Start with a bowl of plain pasta from Fusion. Head over to the sandwich bar and put a slice of turkey on top. Then, pour on some tomato sauce over at Hearth, sprinkle on some cheese from the salad bar, and maybe add some vegetables for good measure. Delicious!

Endless selection of good vegetarian food (Cora Cull ’16): Although I don’t agree with your lifestyle, Cora, I have just the thing for you: the salad bar! Endless combinations of vegetables will keep you satisfied three meals a day, seven days a week. Lettuce! Olives! Beets! Carrots! Imagine the possibilities.

Freeze dried apple slices (Andrea Odegaard ’14): Easy! All you need to do is grab an apple from Peirce, cut it up, and put it in the freezer for a few days. Bon Appetit!

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  1. I thought that woman was Chef Megan for a minute, but then I realized it wasn’t. Can the Thrill please do a profile/in depth interview with Chef Megan? Thanks :)

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