10 o’clock list: Best Puppy Bowl X Moments

Ten glorious years of romping puppies.

Ten glorious years of romping puppies, kitties and penguins.

Since Beyoncé wasn’t to be seen at this year’s Super Bowl, I really couldn’t have cared less that it even happened. There was only one attraction that could tear me away from my all-too-important studies last night: The Puppy Bowl. Accepting no mediocre substitutes, the one and only Puppy Bowl never fails to impress with its adorable canine moments. But which moments were the best? Don’t worry–I’ve got you covered.

  1. Michelle Obama training the puppies. With good help from White House dogs Bo and Sunny, Michelle Obama did a touchdown dance and once again reminded Kenyonites why we love her so much.
  2. Shyla scoring the Puppy Bowl’s first field goal. To be honest, I don’t really know what a field goal is, but seeing Shyla score one was super adorable! (And apparently proved her to be better at football than the Broncos.)
  3. Keyboard Cat’s Halftime Show. Even better than the show itself were the kittens bobbing their heads, seemingly transfixed by bubbles reflecting Keyboard Cat in midair. It’s almost like they had MGMT as a guest and not a Bruno Mars cat-a-like.
  4. The Blackout. If only New Orleans had a backup system of hamsters last year. It probably would have saved the city a lot of grief.
  5. Ginger terrorizing the ref. Compared to all of Ginger’s other penalties, I’m not sure excessive hydration is really that bad.
  6. RUDY GETS TO PLAY. After a compelling online campaign, the underdog Rudy got off the bench and into the field. Truly a tear-jerking moment for the end of the game.

The only thing that could have made the program better was if I got to be the referee.

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