Made in Peirce: Berlin-Style Currywurst Fries



So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I was abroad last semester. I made a lot of discoveries, most of them life-changing, all of them food-related, but the greatest thing I came across was Berlin-style currywurst. Oh, the currywurst! Food of the mighty and unknowable gods! 

While the meat is traditionally the main attraction of currywurst, I fell hard for the fries — smothered in mayo, seasoned with curry powder, topped with just a delicate fuckton of ketchup. And we’re in luck, because Peirce boasts all the ingredients necessary to recreate a currywurst-style fry plate fit to set before an inbred German king. (Seriously, if you have ten hours to spare, Google the House of Habsburg.) Click through to see the full recipe!

Step 1 — Get some fries. (There will be fries. There are always fries. There will always be fries.)


This looks like a grainy iPhone photo of calamari, but actually, it’s a grainy iPhone photo of curly fries!

2. Pump a borderline-upsetting amount of mayo onto your fries. 


Caught in the act — Peirce Heinz Mayo Pump, doin’ its thing. (This photo is deeply unappetizing. This meal is not, I promise.)

3. Season your fries with ketchup and as much spicy powder as you can stand (I went for cayenne, but there is actual curry powder in the servery.)


This photo looks somewhat less like it was taken in the basement of a murder house. I credit the aesthetically pleasing powers of cayenne pepper.

4. Admire and consume. Actually, just consume — don’t look at it for too long or you’ll start to actually think about what you’re putting in your body. Once you’re thinking, it’s all over.

Burger sold separately.

Burger sold separately.

You now have all the tools for a good old-fashioned post-Super Bowl fried-stuff-and-mayo-based feast, with a fun lil’ Euro twist. Bon appetit! Or whatever the German equivalent is!

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