The Great John Green Ticket Hunt

You can see this face in person.

As many of you probably know, John Green is giving a speech at Kenyon next week. You also probably know that they handed out tickets today, but that there were only a limited number. I was one of the lucky few who received a ticket. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the talk, so instead of simply giving the ticket away, I’ve decided to make things a little more interesting.

Hidden somewhere on this campus is one John Green ticket. Whoever finds this ticket may have it. It is visible to the naked eye, but it is still well-hidden. I will tell you that it’s not outside, so there are no worries that it will get buried in snow or eaten by a squirrel. I’ll give a hint every day that goes by without someone finding the ticket.

If you find the ticket, tell us where you found it and send us a picture so we know you’re telling the truth. We’ll give you a shout-out, and all your friends will think you’re super cool. Good luck, and I hope to see one of you singing this very soon.

4 responses

  1. there *were* only a limited number

    I will tell you that *it’s* not outside

    And from the Facebook post that led me here: We have *hidden* a golden ticket

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