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  1. 6. Srlsly. Six. I mean, WHAT ABOUT SIX? HOW COULD YOU NOT PICK THE BEST MOTHAF*CKIN NUMBER: 6! Jesus. That’s it. I don’t even know why I read this “paper” anymore. Where’s an editor when you need one.

  2. Charlie you fucking no good goddamn shit I’m tired of this fucking shit fuck just what the fuck is this rat boy generation shit I miss shrek kenyon has changed fuck

  3. Can we please have more of this on the thrill? I mean stuff that’s actually funny i.e. stuff I would laugh at and not stuff that’s not funny. This post is like art.

  4. Good call, “anonymous”, if that’s even your real name ;)


  5. I have to take issue here with a small point – I think you meant to say “funniest NUMERALS,” as the Asian symbol for 4, “四,” is really no laughing matter. Number is a universally funny human phenomenon, but since different cultures represent number in different ways, I would ask that The Thrill and its “guest bloggers” retain more sensitivity to such differences in the future.

    The funniest numeral in chinese script, btw, is definitely six: 六! Ha Ha Ha!

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