Inside the Artist’s Sketchbook: Chris McCann ’16

Chris McCann, a sophomore from New York, found his artistic passion when he came to Gambier. “I really like to take the unexpected and make it beautiful, and to have my pieces have something that’s a bit off about them”  commented Chris  as we flipped through the photos on his computer. “When I came to Kenyon I took a sculpture class, because I really like working with wood.  And that first class catapulted me into taking more art classes, and then declaring an art major.” While he does have an actual sketchbook, Chris’s main mediums are photography and sculpture.

sculpture two

This free-standing piece was a final for an art class last year.

Check out more of Chris’s work after the jump!

McCann sculpture

Chris showed me some of his favorite photographs, which ran the gamut from stark black and white studio shots to full-color bucolic scenes. “This is one of my favorite photos I’ve taken, and this was from a series I did of college students taking drugs and having fun in the moment….I really like doing contemporary work, and to do work that draws form my own experiences.”

McCann woman


“As an artist, if you’re trying to say something, I think it needs to be something you have experience with in order to say it honestly,” Chris opined as he showed off his work.

McCann truck

McCann pills

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