Yes, There’s A “Snow Day” — But You Still Have Class.

Photo courtesy of David Hoyt '14.

Photo courtesy of David Hoyt ’14.

According to the series of texts we all got at 6 a.m. today, school is closed! Yay! Just like the snow days of old, running around in the backyard, curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and watching the flakes fall. Except for the small detail that classes are not cancelled.

In an email sent this morning, Kenyon explained that as a result of what the Knox County Sherriff’s office is calling a Level 2 Snow Emergency, “College administrators have decided that only those employees considered essential to safe operations are expected to report for work on Wednesday.” Good news, guys — we’re essential! As are AVI, Maintenance, student housing, the Health Center, Campus Safety, the Bookstore and LBIS — they’ll be open as well. Your professors can also cancel class at their discretion, so keep your eyes peeled for emails and for the love of God, stay warm out there.

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  1. BackInMyDay™ I made students walk to class in 3 feet of snow, taller than some of the students themselves. However, that was when we all, including all faculty and staff, lived on what you now call South Campus, we just called it campus. But, to be fair, at today’s College, where not everyone lives on campus or even in Gambier, where concerns over mobility and safety are tantamount for all, where the Sheriff declares “Level Two Snow Emergencies”, we run shuttles when it gets close to 0*F, and the College is “closed” for nonessential employees, it seems irresponsible to not cancel classes.

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