Overheard at Kenyon: Post-Fandango Edition

via bisconfidencecoaching.com

via bisconfidencecoaching.com

Well, it was a pretty good week for overhearing things in Gambier. Many thanks to my dutiful spies for their contributions. And who am I?! That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me…

Wise Middle Path Walker: “I have a feeling it’s going to be a trying month in Gambier.”

Student unaware of how Mardi Gras works: “I thought Mardi Gras was always in February.”Sophomore girl with lots of feelings: “That was my emotional outlet in middle school; when I wanted to feel something I’d watch the Concrete Angel music video.”

Honest Political Science professor: “No. I didn’t grade your papers; I was watching Downtown Abbey.”

Great Hall, 8A.M., Saturday morning: “How would you react if someone threw up on YOU?”

Junior girl buying cheez-its at the market: “We had sushi today so now we can eat ANYTHING.”

Eloquent senior done with drama: “I’m so over it cause it’s like… everyone shut the fuck up.”

Recently Returned Junior: “What I’m really looking for is a friends with benefits situation.”

Melodramatic, hung-over senior: “i-Phone 4s are for cavemen.”

Senior #1 at post-Fandango breakfast: “… did I go to the cove last night?”

  • Senior #2: “There’s no way to know…”
  • Senior #1: “It feels like New Year’s Day!”

Opinionated cereal eater: “Having Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks at Peirce is redundant.”

Internationally minded American girl in library bathroom: “Well, he’s really nice.”

  • Friend: “Yeah, but he’s so American.”
  • #1: “So?”
  • Friend: “I think I’ve realized that non-Americans are more my type.”

Peirce eater who knows what they want: “Fuck a salad, I’m getting tea.”

Magically minded scientist: “Are dragons cold-blooded?”

Senior girl to the sky: “Stop fucking snowing!”

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