10 o’clock list: Winter Olympic Sports Kenyon Students Would be Into

Middle Path could host rousing curling competitions.

Middle Path could host rousing curling competitions.

The one thing the KAC doesn’t have (and I literally mean it has everything else) is a venue for winter sports. Sure, Ohio isn’t Vermont, but we have more natural snow than Sochi does, so why are there no winter sports at Kenyon? How are any of us going to be able to compete in 2018?

While the KAC may not have a hockey rink, or adequate biathlon facilities, I think Kenyon students could really get into these sports. Find out what they are after the (ski) jump!

  1. Curling. Curling is unusual, not many people do it, and you can probably drink while playing.  As Kenyon students, we’ll have to stop playing as soon as it becomes mainstream, which might be sooner than you think; my sister has a Canadian friend and apparently curling in  Canada is like bowling here (I want to see that version of Streetcar, Stanley Kowalski, curling champ).
  2. Alpine Skiing. Here’s looking at you, kid with the pictures from Vail on your Facebook.
  3. Figure Skating. All our experience on the perils of Middle Path should provide adequate experience in figure skating. I’m pretty sure I’ve performed a triple-salchow whilst trying to avoid a wipe-out.
  4. Ski Jumping. It’s called the KAC hill. If you can survive that, then you can survive this. (Though actually probably not.)
  5. Speed Skating. The intensity of speed skating reminds Kenyon students what it’s like to have a full schedule, beginning at 8:10, participate in six clubs (plus a varsity sport) and still manage to go out three nights a week. We are go-getters and we live fast! (Of course, like every speed skater, we also crash hard three weeks into the semester when that schedule catches up to us)

Honorable Mention: Luge 

We would compete in luge, but they took away the trays from Peirce.

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