How to Watch the Sochi Olympics at Kenyon



I know you’ve been wondering, and after tireless hours of Googling*, I figured it out. Here’s a quick, easy guide to watching the Sochi Olympics at Kenyon:

NBC: This is probably the easiest way to watch, from the comfort of your own bed. To use the NBC livestream web feature, you’ll need to sign on using your cable access information. If you have cable at home, or have a friend that does, you can use your cable subscription information to sign in, although it may require a quick call home (although, let’s face it, calls home are rarely quick). If you don’t have access, you can get a free 30-minute trial if there’s just one event that you’re dying to see part of. Using a VPN: Many of the sites streaming the Olympics are restricted to internet users within the U.S. Sites can track your location based on your IP address, but there is a loophole around this. By using a VPN, you can disguise your IP address and gain access to the streaming Olympics, for a small fee. TunnelBear provides you with a VPN  for only $5, granting you complete access to online footage from sites such as CBC and BBC. That’s a pretty sweet deal when you think of it compared to the price of a fancy coffee drink at Wiggin St.

Any Campus Television: Yes, you can watch the Olympics on any one of the TVs set up in lounges around campus. However, you may have to battle off Kardashian fans with offers of free pizza – hey, nothing in this world is truly free.

The Quick and Dirty: If you’re interested in the quick and dirty results, there’s an app available for most phones called Sochi 2014 Results that gives a nice summary of all of the event outcomes.

*It was really only about 3o minutes of Googling. Don’t worry.

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