Sound-Off: Breakfast Quesadillas vs. Breakfast Burritos

True beauty. (via

True beauty. (via

Breakfast at Peirce, though sometimes not well-attended, is arguably the best. But what breakfast food makes you jump from the warmth and comfort of your blankets and head to Peirce? For Camille Bourret ’16, it’s the warm bite of a breakfast quesadilla that makes the walk to Peirce worth it. Claire Berman ’16, disagrees. Read on and cast your vote for the ultimate breakfast food.

Camille Bourret ’16: Nothing drags me out of bed quite like seeing that Peirce has breakfast quesadillas. Although I’ll eat a breakfast burrito, there is no doubt in my mind that the breakfast quesadilla is the champion. The breakfast quesadilla wins it’s title as the preeminent Mexican-themed breakfast food because of three key factors: 1) Evenness of Filling: The ingredients of a breakfast quesadilla are evenly spread between two layers of tortilla. Unlike the burrito, in a quesadilla you will find no 4-layer knot of tortilla or mile-deep pocket of egg. You know exactly what to expect going into a breakfast quesadilla, and your gastronomical experience will be consistent the whole way through. 2) Versatility: The breakfast quesadilla can be easily adapted to fit your unique personal needs. Ingredients can easily be added to or removed from a quesadilla, while burrito-surgery nearly always ends in disaster. 3) Convenience: Being slimmer, quesadillas are far easier to transport. Just wrap it in a napkin and slip it in your pocket. And, like pizza, quesadillas are stackable if you’re dining in a hurry.

Claire Berman ’16: Though I respect Camille as a person, I have to say that her opinions on the superior breakfast food are false. When it comes to steamy breakfast goodness, there’s nothing like a Sunday brunch with a stack of breakfast burritos waiting for you on a silver tray. The perfectly wrapped tortilla holds the delicious, perfectly cooked egg, breakfast meat–or not, if you go for the vegetarian option–, cheese and veggies together in a small bundle of joy. While the amorphous shape of a quesadilla makes it difficult to transport; one napkin cannot fit it, while two just fly off. A breakfast burrito, on the other hand, slides perfectly into a coffee cup. You can lid it and take it on all the adventures of your day, bringing a little joy with each bite.

So which food reigns supreme? You decide.

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