Kenyon Klutter: Meet a Desk


Desks: they don’t get enough attention, you dump your crap all over them and forget about them, but they are always there, working behind the scenes to ensure you get stuff done in a timely manner (or to hold your computer while you scroll through Tumblr, but hey, John Green said he does it too). To shed light on an important member of the Kenyon community, the Thrill has arranged an exclusive interview with the desk of Madame Cowles, a professor of French in the MLL department.

Me:Bonjour, tu parles francais?

The Desk: Oui, un peu.

Me: Oh, okay. So I guess we’ll just do this in English then. So what are you wearing?

The Desk:  Oh nothing special, just my work clothes. A level one French book by McGraw Hill, half graded quizzes, a stapler and matching tape dispenser, and finally, I’ve accessorized with a MacBook.

Me: Stylish. So any big projects at the moment?

The Desk: I can’t go into too much detail right now, but currently I’m just trying to finish supporting some AT plans and a stack of quizzes, but we’re heading into midterm season soon, so all bets are off.

Me: Wow, sounds like you have a busy couple of weeks. What do you feel are your biggest strengths?

The Desk: Well I’ve got a solid aluminum construction with a very durable plastic top that’s seen everything from coffee spills to pen marks. But I definitely feel that my biggest strength comes from being an L-shape. You get these new desks these days and they’re just like a board across two end tables, you know?

Me: That I do. One last question, anything going on between you and any other desks right now?

The Desk: Well, there was this one carrel in Olin that I kind of had a thing for, but you know how these things work.

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