10 o’clock list: Top Reasons Why Emma Specter is a Catch


Here at the Thrill, we have a proud Valentine’s Day tradition of raffling off one of our fearless editors-in-chief to the lovelorn Kenyon community. Last year, it was former editor-in-chief and Thrill patriarch Spencer Kaye — this year, it’s Bachelorette #1, Emma Stanley Specter, our illustrious editor-in-chief. We at the Thrill have each other’s backs, and we won’t rest until Emma has celebrated V-Day with the dime piece (grumpy, bearded gentleman caller) of her dreams.

  1. When she calls you a “little bitch” it’s only out of love. Sometimes she doesn’t even have to say it, you know she’s just thinking it. 
  2. Her stripe of white hair makes her look like a younger, female, greasier George Clooney. Or Stacy London. Who doesn’t want that in their twenty-one year old partner?
  3. She is truly one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Not in a “hey look at her” kind of way but in a I’m-laughing-so-hard-at-the-text-she-just-sent-me-that-I-had-to-explain-it-to-the-other-person-in-the-room-or-else-they-will-think-I’m-crazy kind of way.
  4. She is fluent in can speak some Russian, which is definitely the sexiest language in the world.
  5. Her unadulterated hatred of music-less singing groups (a cappella) and her deep, bordering on disturbing love of Lifetime films will make her an unconventionally delightful dinner companion.
  6. She is extraordinarily well read  and also a master-crafter. Tell her your literary idols and she’ll make you a matching votive candle.
  7. Her patience with lunatic creative types is unmatched. Just ask her staff!
  8. Her sparkling blue eyes never cease to light up a room, even during all-nighters!
  9. She manages to achieve this ponytail where only about 30% of her hair makes it into the hair tie, and there’s something hauntingly beautiful about that.
  10. I’ve sent her no less than seventeen e-mails in the past two days and she’s responded thoughtfully (and with no hint of annoyance) to every single one of them.
  11. I think this says it all, tbh.

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