My Elementary School Journal: A Kenyon Story

Here at The Thrill, we love taking a look back at old (dare I say, repressed) memories. And what better way than looking back at your old Elementary School Journals. Journals are an unbiased look into the past which show us how much we’ve changed- or stayed the same. Personally, I never made it more than a page or two into any of my journals as a kid (my most common entry was “I promise I’ll write more!), but some Kenyon students were much more dedicated. What were your classmates thinking about 10 years ago? Find out below the jump.

Emma Specter ’15: 2002

Emma, clearly a big Adam Sandler fan from a young age, spends two pages summarizing the plot of Mr. Deeds. “That’s it,” she reflects.

mr. deeds

A modern classic

“Based on context clues, I’m going to assume that I had recently been a guest at a wedding around the time that this picture was drawn. In case you’re wondering, that’s what your average wedding place-setting looks like.”


The Wedding Attender

Sydney Watnick ’14: 2004

As an “activist from the womb,” Sydney made a poster for John Kerry’s 2004 campaign. Sydney “campaigned for him on the liberal upper west side of manhattan – canvassing and poll watched on (election) day.” She “also screamed on street corners.” “Epic foreshadowing? I think not.”


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