How Hi-Chew Arrived in Gambier

Sometimes a food craze hits Gambier that’s so intense, so far-reaching, that even a new Deli sandwich name can’t capture the gastronomical excitement on Middle Path. The recent arrival of Hi-Chew at the Village Market has piqued the appetites of seniors and first-years alike, causing a ruckus at the Market checkout line and sometimes stretching the wait for the desirable candy to a full two weeks .

Tim Newton, the manager of the Market, said the campus-wide Hi-Chew obsession started as a result of a shipping mistake. Sometime last year, the market received a box of Hi-Chew due to a “miss pick” — when a supplier accidentally ships out a box of goods not intended for the recipient. Newton had ordered a box of rice but opened a box of candy. Not wanting to waste the product, Newton and the staff decided to put the Hi-Chew on the shelf and see if they took . The box sold out that same day.

Shipments from Kehe Distributors come in every two weeks, so Newton decided to place an order of one box of each flavor for the next due truckload. The shipment sold almost immediately. Newton put in another order for two boxes of each flavor. Again, the shipment sold out within the first few days. He upped the order to three, four, five boxes of Hi-Chew in every flavor before the gummy-hungry student body was finally satiated.

Market employees stationed at the checkout line laughed about the student appetite for Hi-Chew. While I asked about dates and numbers, they pointed me toward the flavor multi-packs of Hi-Chew hanging next to the peach rings and Swedish Fish–a new development since the fall semester.

As I prepared to leave, mango Hi-Chew in hand, the cashier stepped aside to reveal boxes upon back-up boxes of Hi-Chew behind the counter. Kenyon, now that the Market knows you want them, hopefully the crave for Hi-Chew will continue. Otherwise, this will be exactly like the time my mom bought a Costco pack of Kraft American cheese singles, and I decided that I was switching to bologna only sandwiches for lunch. Except Hi-Chew don’t take up any room in the refrigerator.

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  1. I love Hi-chews I’m pretty sure they have them at walmart they have lots of candie there sooo ya and I buy mine at Costco it’s cheap and you get 100 of them for like 8.00$

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