Overheard at Kenyon: “Making a Ha-Ha”

via russellbooks.wordpress.com

via russellbooks.wordpress.com

First-Year: “And by, I would’ve paid, I mean I would’ve put it on my credit card.”

Creative Lady: “Speaking of creepy uncles, I have an idea!”

Grumpster: “Even if I’m grumpy, I hope I’m not existentially grumpy.”

Sophomore Girl: “I like your haircut.”

  • Sophomore Guy: “Thanks i went for my usual 6th grade lesbian.”

Big Fan: “Isn’t House of Thrones premiering tonight?”

Photo Major: “I will take a selfie with Rasputin’s penis.”

Senior Girl: “My mom spent most of the college process trying to convince me that I was a deeply closeted trans-sexual and should go to Smith.”

Funny Dude: “I’m just kidding. You know, making a ha-ha.”

English Major: “I just had Chaucer.”

  • Chemistry Major: “Is that your professor?”

Appreciative Friend: “What a good little Zionist you are!”

Human: “I am not an ape from the 17th century!”

Sociology Major: “Just another boring February. Except, Mead is brilliant.”

Hair Hater: “I hate the dance studio. I always end up with other people’s hair on me.”

Junior Guy: “Speaking of racism, my racist cousin might be coming to visit.”

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