The Monday Catchup

The Underwoods made an appearance at Philander's Ball.

The Underwoods made an appearance at Philander’s Ball.

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were at high school prom Philander’s Ball:

The Lead Story: Season 2 of Netflix’s House of Cards came out early Friday morning. If you’re looking for hard news, there’s plenty after the jump. In the world of fake political drama, however, House of Cards gave viewers plenty to talk about. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here (not a spoiler). Here’s a recap of episode 1 “Hunt or be hunted.” Fans should also check out these slow-mo House of Card Instagram vids. Or this piece on why you should watch the original British version of the show. According Variety, at least 15% of Netflix subscribers watched the first episode on Friday. That’s a ton of people. Again, real news after the jump folks.

Everything Else:

Ever wondered where to find celebrities in LA? Now you know.

Actress Ellen Page came out on Friday at an LGBT youth conference in Las Vegas.

In a dramatic and close vote, Volkswagen factory workers in Tennessee balked at joining the United Auto Workers.

The US Olympic hockey team beat Slovenia (and arch rival Russia!) over the weekend, moving them into the quarterfinals.

You already knew unpaid internships were awful, but it turns out they’re not even that helpful for finding jobs.

(Warning: detailed violence) A woman accused of a single Craigslist murder told a local paper that she murdered at least 22 others. The FBI has begun investigating this claim.

The Long Read: There’s an online dating site out there for everyone — including adulterers. Bloomberg Businessweek pulls back the curtain on, the go-to site for having an affair.

The Weather: It will probably snow today, but the rest of the week looks markedly warmer than what we’ve been experiencing. Expect highs to reach 52 (!!) by Thursday and a balmy 45 for your Friday afternoon. Look out for rain on Thursday and Saturday.

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  1. why lead with “fake news” if you will simply tout the “real news” below? does the thrill answer to nutflux? do shadowy nutflux connecxtons run this biz?

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