The Peirce Doors Are Broken Again and I Blame You


Listen, jerks. I’m done being nice. I’m not even going to Ring Around the Rosie and spoon feed you this one. Stop using the automatic door button at Peirce if you don’t need it and ruining it for the people who actually do.

Statistically speaking, if you are reading this, you are probably a Kenyon student and you are probably fully capable of opening a door. If not, I apologize. This is not directed at you, and I’m also apologizing on behalf of the rest of the non-disabled population at this school, because clearly we have a serious problem.

First of all, it’s not the non-disabled students who created this issue. The heart of it lies in the fact that the automatic doors function so poorly that it comes to this. It’s unacceptable, and–considering the other problems that this school has with accommodating the basic human right of accessibility–it really isn’t helping our public image. Would you come to a school if, as a disabled prospective student, you visit the campus and it’s very difficult and uncomfortable for you to get food? I know I wouldn’t.

But let’s take a look at this situation on a different level. Yes, the door’s basic dysfunctional nature is the heart of the problem. However, you, lazy non-disabled student who casually slams the button and saunters through the entrance, are perpetuating the problem. Don’t think you’re off the hook just because I said you weren’t the cause of the problem. Something that encourages an injustice is just as bad as something that creates it. Don’t forget that next time you get the urge to reach out to hit that button.

And yes, I’m going to use harsh words. Your five minutes of hurt feelings are nothing compared to the centuries of injustice and oppression. The time for encouraging intelligent discourse is over in this case. I’m not afraid to call you a jackass if your detestable avarice for convenience is compromising another person’s basic human rights. Please, just stop hitting that button if you don’t need to.

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  1. I’m usually able to open the door without a button, but I just had back surgery and I didn’t have the strength (or range of movement) to open the door. it was 7:30am. The handicap button didn’t work. The side door was locked. I had to wait outside three minutes for someone to open the door. Thanks.

  2. “Centuries of justice and oppression”? “MY detestable avarice for convenience?”

    Congratulations, you’ve now shown everyone how high and mighty you are. You may now get off your high horse.

    How about we get some actual writing on here? This is embarrassing. Accusing every single one of your readers of being thoughtless isn’t journalism. This writer likely doesn’t care about the disabled people who need access to Peirce. The writer more likely cares about using their story to elevate herself and berate everyone else in order to improve her self esteem. My two cents are through. If anyone takes anything away from this post, it should be: don’t play up an issue on campus in order to put down everyone else and make yourself seem better by comparison. This isn’t to single out the author, but this kind of thing appears to be an epidemic at Kenyon these days.

    Also, before using big words to make yourself sound smarter than you actually are, you should probably double-check their definitions. The second phrase I’ve included in quotes, in real people language, would translate to “hateful greed for material gain of convenience.” That doesn’t mean anything.

    I usually enjoy reading the Thrill. And articles like these just make it and the College look bad. I think this article can be improved, and the author is generally a good writer. If my comment can help the Thrill do better next time, it’s worth the “five minutes of hurt feelings.”

    • Ever since a car accident three years ago, I have been vision impaired and had neck and back issues that have created balance issues and generalized muscle fatigue that impinges on my day to day life in ways you can’t even imagine. When the doors to Peirce don’t work, it is extremely hard for me to open the doors on my own. Since my schedule only allows for low traffic mealtimes I struggle to open the doors or find myself waiting for someone else to come (sometimesfor 10+minutes).

      I don’t think the writer was accusing every single one of the readers, just the ones who carelessly used the door. There doesn’t seem to be any selfish intent behind it either. It’s a serious problem for me and the other disabled students at this school. It’s easy to be neurotypical/able and patronizing to other neurotypical/able people who try to advocate for the disabled.

      I’m sorry that you had to resort to meaningless attacks on the writer when the real point was that she brought up a problematic occurrence here at Kenyon that makes you uncomfortable due to your privilege. It makes you come off as an insufferable prick. I hope you feel better after saying she isn’t as smart as she thinks she is, and very offensively suggesting that disabled people haven’t suffered in society for the very long time that they have. It’s people like you that make it hard for me to live.

      • I now regret having written this response. And I didn’t mean to suggest that disabled people haven’t suffered in society for centuries-they have, obviously, and it’s wrong.
        I gave an attacking response because the article itself was written in a very attacking manner. My response was too harsh and directed at my frustration of people rallying behind an issue to show off how progressive and forward thinking they are while they are, in actuality, not doing much about it and instead using it to put down everyone else and elevate themselves. That’s what I was mad about- not the actual issue. And that might not even be the author’s intent, and I made an assumption that wasn’t very fair. But the attacking nature of the article made writing a not attacking and better thought out response very difficult.

        If the Thrill would like to delete my comments, please go ahead. I guess this goes to show that respectful writing will result in respectful responses. Mine wasn’t respectful. My response was overly harsh and probably did more harm than good.

  3. It could have been, Nellon! Down to his usual tricks, I suppose at least. Gosh, I used to think I was beautiful: those doors!

  4. I understand your argument, but a lot of the time I genuinely think people are pushing the button to hold the doors open while swarms of people are trying to navigate through those heavy doors. I know when I push it, its always to hold the doors for a slew of people heading in after me.

    Also just a general note– I think the thrill could make issues like these stand out as more important if they were addressed in a positive manner. Ridiculing the entire student body as lazy is just kind of inane, and it undermines a really important issue with its nasty tone.

    • theres a difference between being assertive and “nasty”. its not ridicule, its a truth bomb. i bottle up your privileged tears and drink them for breakfast.

  5. Are you people fucking kidding me!!? There are members of Kenyon’s disabled community writing in support of this article and you are calling it “nasty” and criticizing the author? Jesus fucking CHRIST get a grip on yourselves. It’s people like you that make Kenyon a horrible place. Just suck it up and sit on YOUR “high horses” of priviledge you fucking douchebags. Clearly this article is meant to heighten awareness. The tone got your attention? That means the writer did her job. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE WHEN SOMEONE CALLS YOU OUT FOR BEING PRIVILEGED.
    YOU INDIVIDUALLY may not use the button but realize that people in your demographic DO USE IT, and that means you are held accountable as well. so shut the hell up and put your pacifiers back in, you god damn gits.
    There always HAvE to be the douchebags that shit on social justice like its a worse plague than their close mindedness. “WAHHH WAHH WHY ISNT THERE A CROZIER CENTER FOR MEN IM OPPRESSED TOO” shut the FUCK up and tone the fuck DOWN god it makes me so mad just understand that you arent being productive you are being an ASSHOLE and you reek like one too.

    • Yes, because this post isn’t close-minded at all. I am held responsible because “other people in my demographic do it?” Interesting. Maybe people would take this opinion more seriously if you didn’t spew incoherent, rambling, profane responses.

      • Also, the comments aren’t against social justice. I’m actually in favor of social justice. They’re against hypocritical and bigoted attacks like those presented in the article and by you, the commentator.

  6. Sometimes I just stand outside of Peirce and press the button over and over. Because the button is magical. Can you really put a price on magic?

      • Whoaaaaaa! Simmer down muchacho! Why don’t we meet up at the V.I. for a drink tonight to have a REAL conversation about this. Maybe a little more ;)… Eh eh?

      • You know what Magic Johnson… you’re right. I had a really hard day today. I called my dad and it turns out that he’s hitting the bottle again. He’s was sober for almost a year and a half and I was so fucking proud of him! In that light I don’t think I can join you for a drink. I’ve actually been sober for a year now too.

  7. Oh come on. Just one drink? Don’t you want to be cool? LOL. No but seriously, I would love for us to chat and maybe share a mac and cheese. I’m buying either way. Just swing on by at 7 and maybe I’ll see you there. Just yell MAGIC as loud as you can when you walk in and I’ll find you.

      • You know, sweatpants and a peas/eco shirt. The usual. But I’m taking off the pants… is that what you like?

    • guys, seriously stop trolling. First of all, my father has been struggling with alcoholism for years, and it’s nothing to make light of. Secondly, you seem to be missing the point. This isn’t just some chat room where you can write “funny” things to impress girls or whatever, it’s a serious article on a serious issue. So get a grip and grow the fuck up. It’s not funny, and you’re not a real man.

  8. this article and the comments have made me want to press the button more, every day, causing a great conflict resulting in the foretold peirce massacre of 2027.

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