How to Connect to the P: and H: Drives When off Campus


The P: (public storage) and H: (your private storage) drives are really great tools, like really great. For example, you really should be backing up all or most of your files onto your H: drive every week in case your dies/gets dropped/gets beer spilled on it. Access to the P: and H: drives is available from any campus computer just by logging in. But did you know you can also access files you’ve stored at Kenyon OFF CAMPUS!?

Anything you save while working on a school computer should be saved to your personal H: Drive, also refereed to as the Rhine drive (don’t ask me why).  Professors will often save material for you to download on the public P:, or Potomac  Drive (again, don’t ask why). On campus and on Kenyon WiFi this is all well and good, you always have access to your files through a school computer, or through your personal computer by mapping the drive (instructions here, but remember this only works on Kenyon WiFi). However, when off campus accessing your files can be an issue, but there is hope!

The first step is to connect to the Kenyon Virtual Private Network at Up should pop this screen:


Sign in using your Kenyon Username and Password to access the homepage of the Virtual Private Network

VPN Screen

In the upper right hand corner you should see a tool bar with images such as a house, buoy, and door. Click the house.


Now you should see this page: Capture

In the upper right hand corner there is a search bar bar. To access the P: Drive type this address into the search bar:\\\public (P: drive).

To access the H:Drive, type this address into the search bar (but replace “username” with your Kenyon username): \\\username$ (student H: drives)

After you type in the address, hit “Browse” and voila! You now have access to all your precious files, no matter how far from Kenyon you may be!

Address bar

If you have any questions or run into problems, don’t hesitate to contact Helpline at x5700, or e-mail at Happy (file) hunting!

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  2. Oh yeah, “backing up all or most of your files onto your H: drive every week” week is really easy when LBIS only provides each student with 300MB of storage space. I don’t deny that the H drives are an awesome resource that not enough people on this campus regularly use, but for many people who do heavily use them, 300MB just is not enough.

    However, thank you for this post, I had no idea that I could access my H drive off campus. This little trick will be eminently useful.

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