Made in Peirce: the Perfect Pancake Breakfast

Photo by Jenny Ruyman '15

Photo by Jenny Ruyman ’15

Sunday brunch is one of the best Peirce times for people watching and also for pancake eating. This past weekend, I spotted Alivia Bloch ’15 digging into a pile of the most delicious looking yogurt covered pancakes ever. I asked Bloch, and her accomplice Jenny Ruyman ’15, to share the recipe with me and the rest of Kenyon. Pictures and instructions after the jump.

Peirce Pancakes garnished with Yogurt and Granola, topped with Banana Slivers and Maple Syrup

  1. When Peirce has pancakes, which is usually on Sundays but sometimes during the week, get two or three.
  2. Take your plate to the cold well at the salad bar and top the pancakes with two healthy dollops of plain yogurt.
  3. Turn around and sprinkle a shovel-full of granola over the yogurt.
  4. Grab a banana and some utensils on your way over to the “maple” syrup. Pour syrup over everything.
  5.  Slice your banana over your plate and enjoy!
Photo by Jenny Ruyman '15

Photo by Jenny Ruyman ’15

Miss u cold well chocolate chips.

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