10 o’clock list: Ways to Get Weird Before Break

lets get weird cat

Let’s get weird.

The Thursday before break is essentially a Friday. Is that license to get weird? Clearly. But how? Lure in feral cats so you can cuddle them for forever? Eat everything you always wondered about at the market? Visit the strangest corners of Netflix? Nah man. We have some advice if your creativity already got on the plane. 

  1. Get yourself some gummy bears and some double-sided duct tape. Carefully cover yourself in the duct tape. Dump your gummy bears out onto the floor (more than one bag is advisable) and roll like a wet cat, fresh out of a bubble bath. Once you are sufficiently covered in your small, tasty friends, take a run around campus. Sing, Gummy bears, gummy bears, I only wear gummy bears! In my hair and way down there gummy bears, oh gummy bearsOr, forget the tape and just eat the damn things. Your call man, your call.
  2. Go postal and take a camping trip. Pack your bags and take your metaphoric R.V. to the land of letters! The Post Office of Gambier is about as wild as it gets. A flyer about prostrate care jutting out of the nearest trashcan and a strange equestrian mural are sure to set the mood for a very special night of camping. Don’t worry–the desperate whispers of the couple that was making out but felt too awkward to leave when you arrived will make up for the lack of woodsy noises!
  3. Play ding dong ditch with D-Cat. Oh hey Mr. President! But not really–we knocked on his door yesterday and he wasn’t home.
  4. Streak. If you feel like scratching frost bite off of your bucket list, now’s the time. Heads up gentleman, no guarantees about your reproductive capacities remaining intact.
  5. Be conventional. If you’re lame and have a mainstream sense of dignity, just drink all of your remaining alcohol like EVERY WEEKEND EVER. Just know that your window of weird is closing. FAST.

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