Party Costs Around Campus

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Have you ever wondered about how much it costs to throw a party on this campus? Well wonder no more! We’ve done some research and roughly how much it costs to throw the various types of parties around campus. Check it out after the jump! 

Large All-Campus Parties

These parties have traditionally been thrown by Greek organizations and Athletic teams, in part due to their ability to split costs between a larger group of people. There are a few key aspects to throwing a quality, Campus Safety-approved large party:

5 Kegs (pricing from Brown Distributing for PBR) – Cost: $87.50 each (+tax + $30 deposit per keg), $437.50 total

500 Cups (from Brown Distributing) – Cost: $3.99/sleeve of 50, $39.90 total

25 Pizzas (5 per keg) from Little Caesars – Cost: $5 each, $125 total

Sound Tech (Deluxe DJ with Subwoofers) – Cost: $70

Decorations (String lights) – Cost: ~$15

Adding these up, that brings the total of throwing an All-Campus Party to around $700. Note: Parties in Weaver Cottage usually require the same elements, but can only have 2 kegs, bringing the total cost to around $350.

Apartment Parties

These types of parties can vary depending on how many people show up and what is being served.

One route to go is to just get beer. One group we talked to purchased 12 cases of Keystone Light for their latest party. Sold at the market for $16.03/case, the party cost them just under $200.

Another group we talked to said that when they host parties, they will usually get a couple cases of PBR as well as snacks, typically hummus and crackers and pretzels. In this case, the party costs around $100. [Ed. — That’s only assuming you’re nice enough to provide plentiful dranx for your guests. Being a mean host really cuts down on costs] 

Horn Gallery Parties

Parties at the Horn can vary in cost depending on what event they are planning. For their Fall Fest, Horn Gallery Managers Mary Hollyman ’14 and Jack Washburn ’16 estimate they spent around $100 on food and decorations. For their formal, the cost was $200-$250. This covered food, decorations, Sound Tech, and maintenance expenses.

An additional cost for the Horn are the bands they bring in. According to the Horn Gallery Managers, the bands can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to up to four thousand dollars.

Anything you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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