Where Was it Said: The CDO or in Bed?

What kind of job remains to be seen.

What kind of job remains to be seen.

It’s time to get those final internship applications and get employed, Kenyon. Why don’t you spend some time in the CDO (or finishing that final cover letter in bed)?

  • “If you’re gonna get a job, you’ve gotta put more effort in.”
  • “Try not to be such a blowhard.”
  • “Should I pose this a different way?”
  • “I wonder if this can be considered gainful employment.”
  • “You need to make this shorter.”
  • “Finish off with a bang.”
  • “Can we do it over the phone?”
  • “Fudge it a little. They won’t notice.”
  • “The deadline came and went.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to make connections and use them.”
  • “I think an alumnus was in that.”
  • “Worst comes to worst, just use your professor.”
  • “Maybe you should consider going another direction. Have you thought of heading south?”

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