How To Be a Person: Removing Laptop Stickers


I too heart asphalt

Gone are the innocent days of freshman year, when you happily plastered your Macbook with stickers for all your favorite liberal causes. But now the Obama sticker is peeling, as is the KC Outdoors Club and WKCO stickers you picked up at your first activities fair, despite never once going to a meeting. What’s more, your mother won’t leave you alone about applying for jobs, and so dawns the realization that you will soon be an adult, who can’t be seen with a colorful, opinionated laptop.  So you try to peel your stickers off, but all you get is half peeled-off stickers. Read on to learn how to remove those stickers effectively.

Start off with a hairdryer, heat up the stickers until they are warm to the touch–be careful, you don’t want to heat your laptop up too much.

Next, use your K-Card to scrape the sticker off. While still warm, it should come off quite easily.

The sticker is now off, but there will be a sticky residue left behind. To remove this use rubbing alcohol or Zippo lighter fluid on a gauze pad or tissue and rub the area until the residue is removed.

This should clean up the area pretty effectively, but if you want to wipe off any remaining alcohol or lighter fluid from your laptop and buff the surface, use a lens cleaner or the computer cleaning cloths available at the Helpline desk.

Good luck with your transition to adulthood! Of course if you prefer, just do you and leave the damn things on, just remove the Obama one before you go in for your interview with the Heritage Foundation.

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