The Aged Peirce Napkin

Such a luxurious texture. (Photo by Claire Berman '16)

Such a luxurious texture. (Photo by Claire Berman ’16)

Just over two weeks ago I shoved a Peirce napkin in the pocket of my overcoat. I don’t remember why exactly, perhaps I was doing Peirce on the go, or had a runny nose. The reason for my action is lost to the sands of time, but the initial action set forth a chain of events that allowed me to make a wonderful discovery. After aging in my pocket for the two weeks of break, when, not wanting to stir from season two of House of Cards, my coat was not used as much as at Kenyon, the roughness of the brown paper napkin took on a remarkably soft quality. I can only describe the texture in terms of a comparison to chamois leather . Who knew that what was once a rough and unforgiving surface could mature to such a fine cloth? I am severely tempted to start aging more Peirce napkins, but I also don’t want people to think I’m crazy.

Desperate for Internet fame? Sound-off in the comments about something weirder that you’ve had in your pocket.

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