When to Stop Asking How Someone’s Break Was

Spring break has come and gone and like moths to the flame, the students of Kenyon have returned to the Hill. Yet, despite it being only Tuesday, already the, “So how was your break?” question has become stale and without meaning. You already know that Millicent went to Miami and had a super awesome fun time. You saw the pictures on Facebook while you froze your butt off in upstate New York. But when can you stop bringing it up in conversation? Luckily for you, we have a handy chart, which will help you to understand when you can stop asking that dreaded question and stop answering “Oh, it was fine,” in a nonchalant voice.


Incredibly legitimate calculations from a history major.

Incredibly legitimate calculations from a history major.

Note that the appropriateness level increases with the weekend, where you will drunkenly see people you haven’t seen before break, and will therefore need some sort of conversational topic.

Confounding variables may include:

  • Someone has actually had an interesting spring break, which you are actually curious about
  • This person is a casual acquaintance with whom you have absolutely no other conversation starter with
  • You know someone has had a rough break, and would like to inquire as to their state of well-being

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