10 o’clock list: Netflix Suggestions for Kenyonians


They know us too well.

Netflix has completely nailed my movie tastes, and it sums them up in such concise and poetic ways. It understands the need for balance between Witty Comedies with a Strong Female Lead and Visually Striking Understated Movies. Given Netflix’s special way with words, we decided to hypothesize about suggestions it might have if was directed specifically at the student body. Here are some Kenyon-specific categories:

  1. Freshman Dating a Senior. An Education, Clueless. What’s sexier than dating a senior? It gives you street cred for life. But you’re still a kid inside, and you have a lot to learn.
  2. Jaded Second Semester Sophomore. Eat Pray Love (but mostly the eat), The Sisterhood of the Traveling PantsForrest Gump. You are ready to begin “traveling the world in search of direction.” Having grown tired of Kenyon’s bar scene, your abroad application is in, and you are ready to GTFO. You know–become a champion ping-pong player, fall in love, or do whatever Julia Roberts does in Eat Pray Love.
  3. Hip Stoner Kid. Bob Dylan: Don’t Look Back, Between Two Ferns, Girls. You should have gone to college in the ’60s, but we’ve gotta do the best with what we’ve got.
  4. Emotional Lax Bro. A Warrior’s Heart, Crooked Arrows. These are the only two movies about lacrosse. They look pretty great. But if you have your own Netflix account and are looking to satisfy your emotional side, consider Legally Blonde or Pride and Prejudice. Hey man–it’s ok to let your guard down.
  5. Student Hooking Up with a Professor. Election, Notes on a Scandal, Never Been Kissed. If you’re already hooking up with a professor, you probably don’t need to watch these. Otherwise, you should really take a peek. Things get complicated.

6 responses

  1. As someone who has seen A Warrior’s Heart let me tell you it is *not* awesome.

    I would never have guessed a movie about an often shirtless lacrosse playing hunk would go so wrong. (After all this formula has been a success on TV) There wasn’t even a strong sweaty bromance subplot to balance out the bland hetero-romance storyline.

    Had this been a 2am Lifetime original I would give it three saplings. As an apparently serious, unintentionally melodramatic snooze fest it gets .3 saplings.

    Save your time and watch the Teen Wolf series. It has both lacrosse, more shirtless men, bromance, and that old guy from Battlestar Galactica.

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