Konnections that Kount

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Mollyman and Aordan, two seniors with Company jobs

Looking for a job is, in itself, a full-time job. Ask any college senior. But for Hary Bollyman ’14 and Jalex Aordan ’14, both English majors, the search is over.

“We are not unemployed,” Mollyman reported. “I’ve had a job all year.”

Aordon chimed in, saying, “Yeah, everyone thinks English majors have no career prospects, but they’re wrong!”

Both  have accepted careers with the best Company at Kenyon. Snagging such high prestige positions with the notoriously ruthless Company was no cakewalk. Over their four years at Kenyon, Mollyman and Aordon have spent countless days making connections with like-minded Professors and Company associates.

“Contact Improv was a vital step in our job-search process. You just reach out your limbs as far as they can go and hope you make full body contact with somebody–professor, Oberlin student, football player, anyone–the key is making contact. I’ve made a lot of high-impact Kenyon connections”

Thankfully, their skill at improvisational contact paid off.


Bollyman and Aordan demonstrating their skill at contact

In the fall, Mollyman and Aordan discovered they would be auditioning together during the “very fun musical comedy dress up day” of interviews at Company headquarters.

“We were totally collaborative the entire time, which was great,” said Aordan. “Hary wasn’t that cooperative at first, but after we made contact for five or six minutes our vibes matched up and our audition went perfectly. Then the Company offered us jobs!”

While both said their job performance at the Company has been well reviewed (see this very publication), they grew defensive when asked about their Company salaries and healthcare plans.

“If there’s anything our English major as taught us, it’s that only literature matters,” said Aordan.

Mollyman continued, “We have jobs with a great Company.  As long as we have jobs with the Company, salary is a non-issue. And anyway, all parents can say that their 22 year old knows that pay is the defining feature between a unpaid job and a paid job. Not every parent can say their 22 year old is employed by a Company like ours.”

So sweet, so true. Their Company should be lucky to have them.

See, Class of 2014, finding a satisfying position with a company isn’t so hard! Go make connections. Now we’re at like, what, four Kenyon seniors with jobs? Only 400-ish to follow.

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  1. wow this is totally random lol man you really satirized the corpporate experience while poking fun at lib arts gee you can’t get much fnneier than ths can u

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