Presidential DCat-etology: Breaking Down Decatur’s Bracket

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It’s getting to be the end of March, which means MADNESS. No, I’m not talking about the Madness of Deb Ball this coming Saturday but rather the start of the NCAA Division I Men’s College Basketball Championship Tournament. Beloved alum Shaka Smart ’99 back in the bracket at the helm of the Virginia Commonwealth University team, which earned a No. 5 seed in this year’s tournament. As we’ve learned, President Sean Decatur is a bit of a sports fan, and March Madness is no exception. Play begins in the field of 64 today and DCat took the time to share his bracket, explain why it say “Dad” at the top and also ruminate a bit on some of his choices. Check it out after the jump.


THE PRESIDENTIAL BRACKET. “Owen and I are both signed up for the ESPN tournament challenge — hence the title ‘DAD’ at the top,” Decatur explained.

Here’s what DCat had to say about his selections. First, he respects the Big Ten.

“Michigan State looked great in the Big Ten tournament. Tom Izzo always seems to know how to get his teams to peak at the right time. This could be a great run for them, and I have them running the table in the tournament.”

Of course, he has to pull for Smart, no matter how illogical it may seem on paper.

“I am pulling for VCU (go Shaka Smart ’99!).  I have them falling to Kansas in the elite eight, but I would love to be wrong on this one. In fact, if I had my “wish list” bracket, Stanford would upset Kansas in round 2, make it to the elite eight versus VCU, then fall to VCU, vaulting VCU to the final 4 (it still could happen).”

He also made one of his picks based on the aesthetics of a certain state.

“I don’t have many upsets here. The biggest upset in my bracket could be New Mexico State over San Diego State — and, this not because of my knowledge of either team, but because I really like the state of New Mexico (beautiful scenery, fascinating history, great science labs, wonderful art; and I can eat sopaipillas all day, if given the option). But, of course, I had to pick Stanford over U of New Mexico — I have some degree of alumnus loyalty!).”

Finally, I couldn’t understand one of DCat’s picks, the fact that he has Duke University beating No. 1 seed Wichita State University in the Elite Eight. So I asked him to explain himself.

“I think it is going to be hard for Wichita to keep the momentum going towards a perfect season — I think this extra pressure will get to them. [Jabari] Parker is amazing (if only the Cavs had the number 1 pick this year!), and I can never count out Coach K [legendary Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski].”

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