Five Alternative, Non-Gender Specific Costumes for Deb Ball!!!

The PEEPs Debutante Ball is a fun festive time to go all out, gender-bend, get it on, go wild, freak out, etc. That said, maybe you want an alternative alternative to cross-dressing and drag. Maybe you want to defy expectations, shake things up, and not conform to the typical non-conformity.

Here to help you out, a list of potential non-gendered costumes for Deb Ball:

READY TO ROLL via Wikimedia CommonsUnless programmed by the patriarchy, robots are genderless hunks of metal that can really groove on the dance floor! No feelings! No gender! No mess!



A piece of meat!!! Not only does being a hunk of meat have no specific gender because it isn’t alive or sentient, it also can serve as a very sassy statement about commodification of human flesh or vegetarianism or installation art, even!! Give ‘em something to think about!!



Amoeba!!! Everyone one knows amoebas reproduce asexually, and when you think about it, isn’t that something you’ve always wanted to try?? TONIGHT COULD BE THE NIGHT!

(via Wikimedia Commons)

(via Wikimedia Commons)

Blank sheet of paper!! Utterly flat and colorless, avoid any sort of gender spectra all together! Give no hints on how to interpret your costume! Bonus: make new friends when people want to draw on you!! (Drawback: lose the integrity of your gender-free outfit when someone draws a lewd picture on you! You kids!!)



Gray rubber ball!!!! In contrast to the blank sheet of paper, this costume is all about the curves, while still managing to be completely sexless!! Don’t fear the sphere!! Sphere!!!

6 responses

  1. I realize that you’re trying to be amusing, but this is really offensive to those of use that are trans* (e.g. transgender, genderfluid, bigender, third gender, genderqueer, agender, gender-ambiguous, etc.).

  2. Indeed, this post is extremely cissexist. Not to mention the entire concept of deb ball basically promoting the gender binary and straight people “playing trans” by cross dressing. It has upset me since the first deb ball I attended and still continues to.

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