Spotted at Walmart: “Glam Laundry” Barbie?!?!?!?!

-5I was at the Mount Vernon Walmart the other day, browsing the toy aisle (you know, like adults do), when something strange and mystical caught my eye. Sandwiched between “Princess Mariposa” and “Unlicensed Hunger Games Knockoff Doll #4” was this baffling Barbie — as you can see, she’s doing “Glam Laundry!”, complete with a kitten, a plethora of tiny outfits and a washing machine with a bow on it. Is this what doing laundry is supposed to look like at the collegiate level?

Because frankly, I consider it a personal victory when I manage to get through a spin cycle without falling asleep on the floor of the Old Kenyon laundry room. (Those of you familiar with the Old Kenyon laundry room may be gagging violently in your mouths right now. I get tired, okay?)

3 responses

  1. It makes me sick to see privileged Kenyon students mocking one of the only places my family can afford to buy anything.

    • This post is not remotely intended to mock Walmart, merely to call attention to a weird/fun doll in the toy aisle (sold at stores around the country.) I’m genuinely sorry if I caused offense, though.

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