Broken Bells a Sign For Sleigh Bells?

Over the weekend, the beloved church bells were broken. We were denied our usual tolls those days. But wait! Could it mean something more? It most certainly could.

I’ll remind you that Sleigh Bells is coming to play Sendoff this year. Interesting… the church bells break just as we wait in anticipation for our shenanigans-filled, year-end indulgence to top all others. As we pore over our textbooks and weep for our mid-semester grade reports, a sign has reached us.

Do I smell a conspiracy? Do I taste a hint of the tangible effects of faith? Put on your tinfoil hats, people. It had to have been either an act of God or a skillfully placed portent of the coming celebration. There is no other plausible explanation. The time for our simple logic is over. We have transcended such trivialities.

But, what could this mean for us as human beings? Are our corporeal forms not as useless as we once thought? We may never know. In the end, it all comes down to the circle of life. The church bells have passed on to make way for a new era of bells. Sleigh Bells.

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