“I’ll Have What She’s Having!”: A Kenyon Prof’s Paper on Faking the Female Orgasm

via thejc.com

via thejc.com

I wish that was the actual title, but alas — turns out that Kenyon’s own psych professor, Allan Fenigstein, collaborated on an original research paper, “The Faking Orgasm Scale for Women: Psychometric Properties,” published last December. Contrary to how it may sound, the Faking Orgasm Scale (FOS) is not a measure of how well the orgasm was faked, but rather examining the reasons why women choose to fake orgasms and developing a system to quantify the results of the study, such as Altruistic Deceit (not wanting their partner to feel bad), Fear and Insecurity (not wanting to appear abnormal), Elevated Arousal (havin’ a good time) and Sexual Adjournment (honestly would rather be asleep right now). While I would still be curious to see some research on fake orgasm performance — like, what is the weirdest noise your partner has accepted as legit, etc. — it’s an interesting paper, definitely worth checking out here.

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  1. Interesting looking paper but also worth noting that Fenigstein is a little out of date in terms of understanding sexual behavior e.g. he thinks people still watch porn primarily in theaters/on video tapes, doesn’t know the difference between trans and intersex, and thinks rape has nothing to do with asserting power (it is merely a ‘means to an end’). Of all the Kenyon professors to bestow our attention/admiration/’cool dude, orgasms!’ on, let’s not make it this one.

  2. Sexual Adjournment was the title of the album-length compilation of b-sides the Chasers put out in ’96. The Collegian called it “an amuse-bouche to tide over fans who have gotten impatient for the follow-up to I Never and Blue Bayou… not just for completists, but probably best appreciated by completists.”

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