Spotted: “Pony Merch” at the Bookstore


I went into the Bookstore the other night and noticed a basket full of My Little Pony Beanie Babies on the table right up by the cash register.

I recently watched the documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony — available to stream on Netflix — and I literally cannot stop thinking about it/trying to get other people to watch it. (After discussing bronies with my sister at the dinner table over spring break, my mom asked to watch it; she made it through 11 minutes before saying it was “too much” and turning it off.)

In the doc, one of the featured bronies mentions collecting “pony merch,” which stands for My Little Pony merchandise, natch. Does this new “pony merch” display at the Bookstore indicate some clandestine brony population at Kenyon? After exhausting nerdfighteria, are bronies the new Internet demographic admissions is catering to?

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