Tank Tops? Seriously?


I have received an incalculable number of requests over the past few weeks, through e-mail and excited tablers in Peirce, urging me to buy tank tops for numerous causes: deep vein thrombosis, Beer and Sex, Relay for Life, Crozier. These are all worthy causes, but I have one question: why tank tops?

Seriously though, tank tops have very low utility. They are not weather appropriate, not even now — maybe in August. Even if it is warm enough to wear a tank top, where can you get away with it besides college, where you are during the coldest months of the year?

Leaving aside the impracticality of these shirts (can we even call them that?), why does everyone have to sell them? Let’s have a little diversity here folks. Okay, so maybe one group starts selling a tank top — does that mean everyone has to follow? Sell t-shirts, baseball caps, gym shorts, heck, sell more boxers — at least those can be worn everyday. [Ed. — Rotate your boxers, folks.]

Charitable organizations of Kenyon — don’t take this the wrong way, you are all doing great work, and I applaud your fundraising dedication — but try something new next time. Do you feel differently? Tell us in the comments!

12 responses

  1. this is a super judgmental post. seriously, what is wrong with tank tops? I happen to really like them. also, does the thrill really need to put down campus organizations for their choice of what to sell? totally uncalled for and, frankly, rude.

    • “Super judgmental”? Really? He’s just saying he doesn’t like tank tops, no big deal. It’s not a personal affront.

  2. People like tank tops, or else it wouldn’t be sold. Sorry that Kenyon Organizations are giving people what they want. How about the Thrill sells something like a baseball cap? Stop complaining.

  3. Dude most organizations sell tshirts most of the time, seems like everyone had the idea to shake it up at the same time. Chill.

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