Do it Tonight: Senior Studio Art Exercises Opening

Walk yourselves up to the Gund Gallery heavens this evening.

Walk yourselves up to the Gund Gallery heavens this evening.

If you missed having your artistic mind expanded by this year’s first opening, don’t despair!

A furtive peek past the Gund Gallery attendants yesterday revealed to me whitewashed walls, ladders and the mysterious sound of pleasant piano music drifting over the construction noise.

I also overheard one artist rejoicing to another that she would be able to shower for the first time since beginning work on her senior exercises (which I’m sure wasn’t yesterday).

The studio art students have been locked in Horvitz painting, sculpting and branding cow hides until today, when they will be strolling through the Gallery (presumably showered and dressed like, well, art majors) ready to receive your praise and questions.

Their contributions will delve into such mediums as stop motion film, embroidery and “biomorphic sculptural chairs,” and address themes like memory, consciousness and [as I am most eager to learn about] “the concepts of humans and animals and their interactions through eating flesh.”

  • What: Senior Exercise in Studio Art Opening Reception
  • Where: Gund Gallery
  • When: 5 – 7 p.m.
  • Why: Because art is seriously cool. Also, Gallery refreshments are consistently impressive.

In celebration of cleanliness, artistic exploration and eating flesh, don’t miss this exhibit, which will run through April 12 (but without snacks after tonight).

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