The Kenyon College Tumblr Tag: A Review

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It seems like Kenyon’s social media presence has been ramping up recently, what with Chef Meagan at the helm of a Peirce Hall online revolution and the ever-present Twitter accounts and Facebook pages for different people and organizations around campus. One realm often unexplored is Tumblr, a popular microblogging site that specializes in destroying productivity. Posts are organized and made searchable by tags, so I explored #Kenyon College and found an interesting variety of posts.

First, I had to search #Kenyon College only, because #Kenyon was filled with things about Sherrilyn Kenyon and people who were posting pictures of their kid named Kenyon. In the mix of #Kenyon College, there was an annoying amount of famous alums–Bill Watterson, Allison Janney, and of course, John Green. Too much John Green. But among the monotony, there were a few gems.

accepted 2 accepted 3 accepted 4

There are a lot of posts by people who just recently got into Kenyon, ranging from excited John Green enthusiasts to downright gobbledygook-inducing, visceral excitement, as evidenced above.

omg 1 waiting 1

Aww, passionate and potentially homicidal prospies. I’m a big fan of the lil’ MS Paint creation that one girl made. Hopefully their stress is mitigated a bit by now.

current 2

Me too, anonymous current student. Me too.

Perhaps my favorite post in #Kenyon College was a Kenyon student’s submission to, which features short, slangy descriptions of senior theses.

omg 2

Honestly, I think the tag needs some beefing up. Kenyon students, get on Tumblr and post there more about cool things that aren’t John Green, yet another video of “This Is Water,” or prospies shitting bricks. As cool as those things are, I think we could probably do better. Let’s make Chef Meagan proud.

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  1. I think a lot of us on tumblr tend to avoid #kenyon and #kenyon college because they are inundated with prospies, things about alumni, especially John Green, and DFW’s This is Water.

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