PSA: Printers Can Staple



Didj’a hear the news? What news? You can print and staple your papers using the two printers on the second floor of the library.

Yes that’s right, to help you all make your work more efficient and your staples straighter, here’s how to print a stapled document on your computer.

First load up the print screen, and look at the bottom for a blue hyperlink that says “Print using system dialogue.”

Displaying photo.JPG


This will bring up another screen, click on the drop-down menu that says “Layout.”Displaying photo.JPG

From this menu select the option “Finishing” and the screen will change: Displaying photo.JPG

From the drop-down menu “Binding Location,” select where on your paper you would like the staple to be and volia, it will come out stapled — no more worrying about that stapler running out.

Pro tip: do not attempt to pull out your document early — it will seriously mess the printer up.

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