How To Play the Housing Lottery. And Win.


Dreaded Mather

The Housing Lottery is usually thought to be extremely deterministic–you receive your number, and you accept your fate. However, as a rising sophomore facing a double with a stranger in Mather, you might not be so keen on accepting defeat just yet. What can you do? Play the system, and play it well. Here’s how:

Consider Wellness Housing: While much of this campus considers a move into Wellness much like a commitment to a nunnery, THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Perhaps you and your roommate didn’t quite jive this year, or maybe you like peace and quiet, or maybe you want to be substance-free, or maybe none of these things apply and you just really need a single next year to maintain your mental health. Wellness may be for you. Though, admittedly, the single rooms heavily resemble closets, it would be your closet, and that’s all that matters. Right? RIGHT?

Think Theme Housing: Although the deadline has passed, Theme Housing is an excellent way to remove yourself from the big HL. If the competitive nature of the applicants scares you, try latching on to an existing cause or club. Nothing like joining up second semester sophomore year to slide into an NCA.

Know your options: Snowden, The BFEC Farm House, Crozier, and The Farm are all examples of alternative housing. Some of these options are more viable if you have a bike or a car, though the benefits of these choices likely outweigh the transportation difficulties. If the application deadline has passed for these houses, don’t fret. It’s never a bad idea to reach out to those who organize these spaces to see if they have openings. Occasionally, rooms become available midyear due to students going abroad.

How did you beat the lottery? Let us know in the comments!

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