Kenyon KEY: Something Isn’t Right


We’ve all seen the efforts the College has gone to in the last year to promote awareness on the amount of energy we use here. Both the giant screen in Peirce and the iPad that was formerly mounted on the first floor of Old Kenyon make it hard to be completely unaware. But after a recent tip from a professor in the Chemistry department, I decided to look into how legitimate the data they are providing is. 

In a quick ten-minute review of the data they provided, two errors came to light. The first is with the numbers they provide below the graphs. I’ve included the data for Leonard Residence Hall below:


Hourly consumption (via

Daily consumption via

Daily consumption (via

Monthly consumption via

Monthly consumption (via

Some basic math shows that something is wrong with at least one of these sets of data. $0.83 per hour does not equate to $71.37 per day, unless days suddenly became 85 hours long. Also $71.37 per day and $706.47 per month do not match up, again unless months are now only 10 days long.

The second thing amiss is a little less clear unless you know about the price of energy. The following graph was taken from the Kenyon KEY website and tracks energy use at the KAC:


You can see that for February, the KAC used 6,143,551 kWh of electricity. According to the same professor who tipped us off on all of this, energy rates here in central Ohio are roughly around $0.10/kWh. This would mean that the KAC costs more than $600,000 a month to power. Not only is this absurdly high for the cost of electricity, but Kenyon KEY reports that the KAC only costs $8,000 a month to power, a much more reasonable number. We don’t know why these numbers seem to be off, so if you do, let us know in the comments.

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