10 o’clock list: Movies for Your Major

So many movies! So  many majors!

So many movies! So many majors!

Liberal Arts is supposed to be the movie that is “quintessential Kenyon.” But anyone here at Kenyon can attest that Old Kenyon parties are never that well-lit, and unfortunately Zac Efron doesn’t philosophize about life on the grass. However, if majors were to choose a movie to describe their major, here’s what we think they should choose.

  1. Studio art: Girl with the Pearl Earring — This dramatic film is perfect for studio art majors because it describes what life outside a painting could look like. Girl with the Pearl Earring will inspire painters to find their true artistic muse. Warning: You may end up falling in love with what you’re painting and then your wife could go crazy, but the end product is a timeless painting.
  2. English: Easy A — For obvious reasons, this movie is great for English majors because it references The Scarlet Letter. However, it also features a main character rebelling against society in that perfect “coming-of-age story” English majors love to study so much. The script may not contain Fitzgerald-esque words of art, but at its heart is a good story line and lots of figurative “sex.”
  3. Physics: Safety Not Guaranteed — Ever faced certain death? Physics majors have. Or at least, they’d like us to think so. This movie is about the complications of time-traveling and machine building, a perfect mix for physics majors. Perhaps this movie will even inspire physics majors to design the real time-traveling machine and even find love doing so.
  4. Undecided: Say Anything — In this ’80s classic, Lloyd Dobler is the perfect symbol for anyone who is undecided. He doesn’t really have plans for the future or for college, but in the meantime, while the rest of his friends are scrambling, he maintains his calm and tries out different things. In the end what matters to Lloyd isn’t what he’s doing, it’s the girl he falls in love with. This movie and undecided students can teach a lesson to all of us: collect your friends’ keys, fall in love and let your future come to you.
  5. Psychology: The Breakfast Club — A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. Five different types of people, one morning that draws them together. Psychology majors will enjoy applying their studies to examine what is really going on during these different interactions. This movie is basically an experiment in psychology, and by examining John Bender, maybe majors can finally calculate what makes the perfect rebel brain.

Grab some popcorn, your notebooks and your friend’s Netflix password. If you think of any other movie ideas, leave a comment below. Happy “studying”!

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