Treat Yo’ Self: Post-Housing Lottery

Effie Trinket, ResLife’s newest star employee.

Well, after experiencing my first official Kenyon Housing Lottery I can tell you one thing — it sucked. It was a long, boring, anxiety-inducing stretch of afternoon spent sitting around on uncomfortable bleachers watching my friends stress-eat large amounts of candy. I got the housing I wanted, thankfully, but I’m still a little shaken up by the entire process in general. If you didn’t get what you wanted, or have ever felt personally victimized by the Housing Lottery, then here are a few tips for treatin’ yo self.

Enjoy the beautiful weather. The awesomeness of the Gap Trail is directly proportional to the gorgeousness of the weather. It’s about to get hot and buggy so take advantage of the mild temperatures and lack of mosquitoes. Maybe go read the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series on the grass, like I plan on doing until the bugs return in full force.

You won’t have it for much longer, so spend some quality time in your room. Oh, good ol’ Lewis 223. The times I’ve spent in you have been weird and you are super uncomfortably hot when the weather gets like this so… Okay maybe I won’t be spending a lot of time there — but maybe you will. Smell ya later, Freshman Quad.

When all else fails, indulge. Eat gallons of Bookstore ice cream topped with fry pies from the Market. Make a couple of cool Peirce creations. Have a KAC spa day. Shirk some responsibilities. Watch some episodes of your new fave show. Or better yet, watch the newest episode of Game of Thrones Season 4 tonight and get super emotional like I will! Do what you love to forget the total crap you endured yesterday.

When it comes down to it, it won’t be too hard to find something to do to enjoy your Sunday and feel better post-lottery stress. Plus, if you actually got a room, consider yourself lucky. Word on the street is that there are somewhere between 10-20 people at the very end of the lottery who are left without housing due to the sheer lack of available rooms — two of my friends included. ResLife is supposed to contact them in the summer regarding their housing. So yeah, it wasn’t really that bad for you in the end. If that doesn’t make you feel better, I don’t know what will.

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