Gems from the Treasure Cove


Naturally, I Instagrammed it, because I am a simple millennial.

I’m a big fan of going to and from South campus via the pathway that cuts through the Gambier Grill’s parking lot (there’s nothing quite like walking through that stagnant, fry oil-scented patch of air on my way to my morning class). I make this walk almost every day, so I always see a bunch of weird stuff on the ground outside of the Cove, which is the only kind of stuff I’d expect to see on the ground outside of the Cove. For example, last week, I walked by a discarded red toothbrush and an entire cinnamon bun.

I checked back again a few days later. The cinnamon bun was gone; the toothbrush remained. Good to know that our decision-making/hunting and gathering skills are up to par as the world spins madly on.


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