Made in Peirce: Bananas Foster

The panini press is a glorious asset for us Peirce-goers. But why limit it to sandwiches and cookies when you could use it to its full potential? You may have witnessed its power to wilt spinach, but you will weep when you see its ultimate power to…Foster bananas? I know it doesn’t really work like that, but work with me here. Bananas Foster is delicious and super easy for you to make in Peirce with these simple steps. Slice up a banana, in whatever fashion you want. I found that the less pieces there are, the better, so try to slice it into sizable chunks. 008 Drizzle on some stuff, and by stuff I mean a drizzling of honey from the hot beverage area, a tiny bit of plain olive oil from the salad bar and a generous heaping of cinnamon sugar from the bagels/toast area. Toss the banana chunks in the bowl until they’re all lathered up. 009 Transfer the banana and loose sauce to wax paper, and lightly panini press it. Use the left press (the flat one) for better coverage. Feel free to let the top half of the press come down on the banana, just make sure not to press it down or you’ll squish the poor lil’ things. 012 Serve hot on top of soft serve. Make sure you get the resulting sauce in the bowl with the bananas too. The soft serve melted super fast but it was still cold and was extremely delicious with the bananas. If you want a spiced-up breakfast or want to skip some extra calories, try it on top of yogurt with some granola on the side!


I didn’t expect it to taste like actual Bananas Foster, but it really does. I was super skeptical about this as I was planning it out but I swear, this stuff is goddamn delicious, if I do say so myself.

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