Kenyon Etsy: What the Fuck?


Purple nail polish, need I say more? (via

Who doesn’t love a good Etsy shop? Mmm, handmade sweaters, a vintage spoon, maybe a hand-spun case for your fancy phone? I’m sure I can stop, because I probably lost you at “vintage spoon.” But ladies and fellas, we recently found some Kenyon paraphernalia on Etsy, and it’s good. It’s so very good.

Now you may be thinking, “Haha Maureen, did Etsy hire you?” And to you I respond, “No, Ass, but they will after they see this quality salesmanship I’m about to share with you.” You also might be thinking, “What Kenyon paraphernalia could I possibly get on Etsy that I couldn’t get at the bookstore for a surprisingly, and considerably, lower price?” You’re being a real bitch with your questions. Just shut up and look at my pictures and links.

Etsy can offer you photos of buildings at your school.

Decatur's house


Etsy can offer you coasters of your school.


Etsy can offer you some more coasters which you might not like because, whoa, how many coasters does one person need?

More Coasters

Also some shirt. Just one, you ask? Yes.

Tshirt Town

Lastly, If you are looking for a necklace to make your special someone feel a little flashy, out of place and heavy necked, I suggest this purchase.Kenyon Necklace

Pearl colors are white and a really lovely dark grape purple…” And if you don’t love a really hearty lovely dark grape purple, then I suggest you transfer.

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